Top 5 Best Hot Tub Steps 2023 Reviews

Having a hot tub in the house for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and spending quality me-time sounds like fun. Since the goal of these hot tubs/spas is to offer ultimate respite and unwinding, their use must remain free of any hassle. Hot tub steps are an important element of that relaxation setup. They make sure you can easily get in and out of the high platform of the hot tub without swinging legs and risking slips.

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If you have set up a hot tub in the house, make sure to put steps alongside it. Here, we are going to discuss five of the best hot tub steps available in the market right now.

Let’s have short reviews of these hot tub steps that will help you in making a better buying decision.

Confer HS2MR 29″x23″x14″ Handi-Step for Round/Straight Sided Spa

If you want affordable hot tub steps with top-quality finishing, then consider buying this item by Confer Plastics. It is a 2-step platform designed for round and straight-sided hot tubs. It is made of high-grade polymer and is ready to use, thanks to its one-piece construction.

These plastic hot tub steps have a weatherproof and UV-resistant coating. You can use them in outdoor settings, and they will maintain their finish amid sunlight exposure and harsh weather conditions. You can choose between 11 different colors in this Confer Plastics hot tub side steps.

From mahogany to redwood and tan to charcoal gray, you can pick the step that matches the colors of your tub and the rest of the interior. The steps also feature deep treads across their length to rule out slip hazards. The weatherproof polymer construction also allows you to wash and clean it without a hassle.

XtremepouwerUS Premium Multi-Purpose 2-Step Spa Hot Tub Steps

XtremepouwerUS has designed hot tub steps that you can also use in other areas besides your home spa. For instance, you can use it as your RV steps or in the garage while cleaning or fixing a vehicle with high ground clearance.

These hot tub steps are also made of top-quality polymer. The steps come in pieces, but assembling them is a breeze. You can do it easily with your hands without needing any hardware tools. The anti-slip grooves of these hot tub steps are also worth mentioning.

Instead of using traditional longitudinal treads, the manufacturer has drawn them in a design. This design, along with the gray, white, or mocha finishing, falls easy on the eyes. These XtremepouwerUS steps go equally well with straight and curved hot tubs.

Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool with Non-Slip Step Treads

These Rubbermaid hot tub steps are multipurpose. The most striking thing about this set is that it is also a step stool. You can use it wherever you want a little extra height to reach an item, e.g., taking out the oatmeal packets from the top shelf in the kitchen.

Its sturdy and wide stool steps also make it an ideal option for overweight individuals and seniors. The steps can hold 300 pounds of weight with its four non-marring feet that don’t scratch or chip any floor.

These Rubbermaid steps look quite heavy at first sight. However, the use of premium quality polymer has kept them lightweight. You can easily move them around. The cutout handles given at both sides make moving these steps from one place to the other easier.

Cover Valet SSSRW Spa Side Step

If you are looking for a heavy-duty set of hot tub steps that don’t wobble when you step on them, invest in this Cover Valet product. Although it is made of plastic, the manufacturer has maintained the quality by using a top-grade blow-molded polymer.

The blow molding has also made it easy for Cover Valet to give these hot tub steps a dynamic shape. Unlike other polymer steps, this one has a stretched-out thick base to keep it skid-resistant. Moreover, the steps are designed with a slight curve to offer better traction to the users’ feet. The wavy patterns on the steps further improve the slip-resistant attributes of these hot tub steps.

These Cover Valet hot tub steps are available in a range of colors and don’t require any hardware tool or physical effort for assembly.

LIFE SMART 2 Tier Non-Slip Hot Tub Steps

If you are using a Life Smart hot tub, then you should bring these steps to get in and out of the tub quickly and comfortably. The manufacturer has made these steps for the exact matching with its Luna Spa. However, its Sahara finish has a neutral profile that goes with the square and rectangular hot tubs of every color.

Like other best hot tub steps, you can also use this lightweight yet sturdy piece of Life Smart product with campers and also as a household stool to reach high cabinets, etc. These hot tub side steps are different from other polymer models because they feature state-of-the-art patented Permalast plastic. This plastic is a combination of acrylic co-polymers and requires virtually zero maintenance.

These steps also come in one piece and feature treads all across its 30-inch wide platform.

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Hot Tub Steps Buying Guide

If you want to buy the right set of hot tub steps, take care of the following features.


Hot tubs come in different shapes and designs. Sometimes, a set of steps is only compatible with a particular tub shape. For instance, some steps may only go well with curved hot tubs, and others are made for straight designs. You can also find steps that are compatible with both linear and curved hot tubs, like the first product on our list.


A dark-gray set of steps doesn’t go with a light brown tub. So, make sure the steps match the color of the tub. A set of steps with a neutral color profile can save you from that matching hassle.

Easy to Install/Assemble

The prevalence of polymers in step construction has made them easy to use. Now, the majority of hot tub steps come pre-assembled or only require hardware-free snapping to assemble.

Hot Tub Steps FAQs

Q-How long can a set of hot tub steps last?

A- A set of premium polymer steps with top-quality finishing can match up the operating life of your hot tub. However, a set that comes in pieces is more vulnerable to wear and tear, especially if you move it around too often.

Q- Can hot tub steps can be used anywhere in the house?

A- Yes, you can use hot tub steps as a stool in different parts of the house to reach out to high shelves and cabinets.


Hot tub steps make sure you can enter and exit your home spa in the most convenient way possible. We hope that the above buying guide and reviews will help you in picking the right set of steps for your hot tub.

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