Top 5 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs to Buy in 2023

Do you wish you could sit down and relax in a spa bubble massage hot tub after a long day at work, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for one?

Thankfully, there is an inexpensive solution available in the form of an inflatable and portable hot tub, such as the top-rated Realtree SaluSpa Max-5.

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We have selected the top 5 favorite cheap inflatable hot tubs for 2023 for you.

They are easy to set up and maintain, portable, and comfortable to use. Top of all, these portable tubs are much more affordable than buying and setting up a traditional hot tub spa.

Best overall

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

This is a pretty looking, inexpensive inflatable hot tub that you can easily move around, and will look great in your backyard or on the patio.

It is suitable for up to 4 people and comes with an air jet system as well as the capability of heating up and maintaining the water temperature to up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is an excellent and affordable way to relax after work, soothe your muscles, and enjoy time with your partner or friends.

When inflated, the SaluSpa is 71 x 26 inches in size and is 2 feet deep.

When deflated, it is only 21 x 21 x 71 inches and weighs 35 lbs. so it is easy to store away or transport.

For this price and the quality provided, the Realtree SaluSpa Max-5 is the perfect cheap inflatable hot tub on the market for 2023.

The runner-up

AquaSpa Portable Hot Tub 61X61X26 Inch Air Jet Spa 2-3 Person

The PureSpa by Intex is another much more affordable alternative to a real hot tub.

When it is inflated, the hot tub is 57 x 77 x 28 inches, and can comfortably seat up to 4 average adults.

It has a water capacity of 210 gallons and can heat up and maintain the temperature inside the tub from 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

It weighs 107 lbs. when empty and is inflated via the internal bubble massage pump.

The portable hot tub comes with an easy-to-set and uses bubble massage set that you and your family or friends can use for relaxing massages and fun.

The bubble massage jet system uses easy-to-remove and replaces filter cartridges.

It also has a special hard water filtering system that will keep the water in the hot tub softer and more soothing for the skin.

It also comes with two comfortable headrests.

Three layers of top-quality Fiber-Tech material make up the PureSpa Plus, making it puncture-resistant, long-lasting, and capable of providing the highest levels of comfort and stability of any portable hot tub on the market today.

The low-priced inflatable hot tub is available in two stylish colorways: mocha and navy.

Everything you need to get it up and running smoothly is included: a cover to keep the water warm and clean, a heater, a filtration system with four replacement cartridges, a test strip, a floating chlorine dispenser, an inflated line, a thermal ground cloth, and a handy carry bag.

Best bang for the buck

Coleman 77″ x 28″ SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-6 Person

The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the great deals you will find if you want an inexpensive hot tub for under $300.

It has an inflated size of 77 x 28 inches, and can comfortably fit up to six seated adults.

The capacity of the inflatable tub is 254 gallons of water, and it weighs 2,701 lbs. when it is completely full. When deflated, the tub weighs only 85.9 lbs.

Thanks to its rapid automatic heating system, you will be able to get your hot tub ready for use quicker than with most other portable tubs. It will increase the temperature by 2-3 degrees per hour. The system is easy to operate and has a user-friendly control panel so you can get all the settings right.

The maximum temperature you can set is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The walls of the inflatable hot tub are made of a durable, UV-resistant, and comfortable TriTech material. The 3-ply material is covered with another two PVC layers and has a strong polyester mesh core to form the durable I-beam construction of the tub.

The materials and construction used will ensure that you are comfy and that the tub retains its shape and stays abrasion and puncture-free for a long.

The Coleman tub comes with a unique air-padded floor that needs to be placed underneath it. It helps make it more comfortable for standing and sitting, and also provides insulation, and keeps the heat inside the tub instead of seeping out to the ground.

The included pump will inflate the tub, heat it up, and create those wonderful bubbles. The tub also comes with a reinforced cover to keep the heat in, and a chemical chlorine dispenser to keep the water clean and sanitary.

It is offered in green and black color options.

The rest of the perfect inexpensive inflatable hot tubs for 2023

Bestway 54190E Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub, Bubbles Massage

The Bestway Helsinki AirJet hot tub looks like a real premium wooden hot tub but is offered for a fraction of the price for a real one.

Key features:

  • The tub can seat up to seven people.
  • It has an integrated pump for easy inflation.
  • The tub has a rapid heating system, so you will get the water to reach the preferred temperature as fast as possible.
  • The maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It also has a spa-like air-jet massaging system for relaxation and fun with 83 air jets.
  • The floor is cushioned and comfortable to sit or stand on.
  • It has a drain valve for easy and quick emptying.
  • Sold with an aluminum foil tub cover to keep the water warm and clean of debris
  • It is made of sturdy drop-stitch material.
  • The weight of the tub when empty is 84.9 lbs.
  • It has carry handles on the sides for easy portability.
  • The walls are made of interwoven threads, which will help the tub maintain its shape for a long.
  • The inflatable tub has a convenient and money-saving power saving timer
  • It also has a safety ground fault detection system
  • The bundle includes a pump, a cover, a spa liner, a chlorine them connect dispenser, a filter cartridge, and a repair kit

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii 6 Person Inflatable Spa Hot Tub

This square-shaped portable hot tub and spa is affordable, comfortable, easy to set up and maintain, and even comes with a bonus SaluSpa drink holder and tray.

Key features:

  • A rapid heating system can heat the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It can fit four people comfortably.
  • The portable hot tub inflates quickly via the integrated bubble pump.
  • It has an easy-to-use digital control panel to set the heat and air-jet system.
  • The walls of the tub are made of 3 plies of durable material that will withstand punctures and will help hold its shape.
  • It comes with an inflatable cover to keep the water hot and clean.
  • Also included is a chemical floater, so the water is clean and safe.
  • The snack and drink tray has 2 cups or bottle holders and can keep your snacks, drinks, and trinkets close while you relax.
  • The weight of the tub is 96.3 lbs.

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