Best 5 Pool Vacuum Heads 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having a pool in your backyard in summer is a blessing, but not one decked with algae and other debris. This is the reason why vacuuming is an essential part of pool maintenance. If you already own a vacuum cleaner for floors and carpets in the house, all you need is a suitable pool vacuum head to use with it.

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The market is brimming with a lot of pool vacuum heads of different shapes and configurations. For someone who is going to buy a pool vacuum head for the first time, this abundance of choices makes it difficult to settle on one product.

For all those buyers, we have searched and shortlisted five of the top pool vacuum heads that also enjoy a lot of raving customer reviews.

Let’s look at short reviews of these pool vacuum heads that will help you in making a better buying decision.

Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

If you are looking for convenience and quality packaged in a single vacuum head, this offering by Milliard is worth considering. The manufacturer has made sure you can use its vacuum head with any type and model of cleaner in the most hassle-free manner. The handle of the Milliard vacuum head features spring-loaded locking clips, so you can use it with all sorts of extension poles. Moreover, the vacuum port can be used with standard household (1.25 and 1.5 inches) vacuum hoses.

Besides offering ease of use, Milliard has designed this vacuum head to deliver 100% performance. The head has a triangular shape, so you can move it to hard-to-reach places with ease. The 11-inch width of the head makes sure you can wrap up your pool cleaning in lesser time with fewer vacuuming sweeps.

Milliard Triangle Pool and Spa Vacuum Head are made of first-rate plastic polymer variant ABS. The use of high-quality plastic makes this Milliard vacuum head impervious to usual scrapes, bumps, and drops. The triangular ABS frame of the pool vacuum head is transparent, so you can easily monitor the pool floor being cleared of the baked-on dirt and algae patches.

The soft yet durable nylon brush bristles of the head are also worth mentioning. You can use it on a vinyl pool without worrying about it getting scratched. Also, the bristles are placed in an angled position so they can collect the agitating dirt and algae instead of spreading it around.

Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head with Wheels

Pool vacuum heads with brushes may not always be the right buy. In many cases, the brush bristles wear down to a point where they start affecting the performance of the head. First, they become incapable of peeling off all the debris buildup. Also, the worn-down bristles start sticking to the pool surface, making vacuuming burdensome. For all those people who don’t want to deal with these downsides of a vacuum head with a brush, this Aquatix product is a custom-made pool vacuum head option.

Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head works with all sorts of extension wands and vacuum hoses. Its 14-inch profile makes it certain that you are done with the pool vacuuming within a couple of minutes. Making sure the head doesn’t float and remains on the pool floor is a challenge. The four weighted plates and an 8-wheel platform in Aquatix Pro Vacuum Head make it easy for a user to tack the head onto the floor without exerting any force.

It is important to mention here that the Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum head doesn’t feature wheels just for the sake of it. The manufacturer has used top-quality polypropylene in the making of these wheels. The wheels are hard-wearing and can maintain their shape and function amid the shenanigans of sunlight and rough use.

If you are looking for heavy-duty cleaning for large pools and want a vacuum head that can last many seasons, Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head should be your pick.

Swimline HydroTools Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

If you are fed up with vacuuming your pool while holding the head down to make it stay on the bottom, consider buying this pool vacuum head by Swimline. Unlike regular vacuum heads, this one features a weighted design so that it adheres to the pool surface during vacuuming.

The manufacturer has given this pool vacuum head a well-thought-out half-moon shape to make sure you can easily maneuver it to all the tricky and tight corners of the pool.

Whether your cleaner has a 1.25 or 1.5-inch hose neck, you can attach it to the Swimline Half Moonpool vacuum head without needing any attachment piece.

The head also features a fine-bristle brush that is good enough to shock caked-on algae buildups from both vinyl (Intex) and concrete pools. It is important to mention here that the weighted design of this Swimline vacuum head has no bearing on its maneuverability. It remains easy on the arms, and you can move it around without pulling any muscles.

If you are using a Half Moon vacuum head with a top-quality cleaner, you can thoroughly vacuum-clean even the large home pools (with lengths up to 40 feet) within half an hour. Swimline has made this vacuum head a great choice for homeowners by keeping its price low. You may not find such a functional and top-quality pool vacuum head in a single-digit price tag.

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U.S. Pool Supply 14″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head

If your pool design has lots of twists and turns with many hard-to-reach spots, you may find this U.S. Pool Supply vacuum head a godsend. This butterfly-shaped vacuum head has a top-quality flexible body and attaches to all standard vacuum hoses. Meanwhile, the EZ clips allow you to attach the head to any telescoping pole within a couple of seconds.

The flexible frame of this vacuum head allows you to twist and maneuver it through the services and tight corners of the pool without worrying about breaking it down. You can push and twist the vacuum head with considerable force. The head will retreat to its original shape afterward.

The other striking bit about this flexible vacuum head is its well-thought-out brush design. Instead of packing all the bristles in one cluster, the manufacturer has dispersed them throughout the head. This makes sure the head can agitate and pick up the algae buildups in one go.

The vacuum head comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can replace the head or ask for a refund within one year of purchase if you are not satisfied with its performance. This weighted butterfly pool head has a 12-inch width and also lies at a reasonable price point.

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ATIE PoolSupplyTown Pool Vacuum Head 

If you are looking to clean your plaster/concrete pool like a true professional, consider buying this ATITE Pool Vacuum Head. This vacuum head is designed to work with wider vacuum hoses (1.5 inches and above). The vacuum head features eight urethane wheels with ball bearing mounting. This ingenious wheel assembly takes the edge off the heaviness of the vacuum head and allows you to roll and maneuver it without a hassle.

The pool handle is made of metal and finished with chrome plating. The use of metal ensures the handle doesn’t come off after repeated use, and the chrome plating protects the handle from the rusting shenanigans of pool water.

ATITE Pool Vacuum Head is also ideal in all those instances where you are cleaning a pool that hasn’t been cleaned since the last season. Its heavy-duty construction and use of larger vacuum cleaners allow you to take on extensive pool cleaning jobs without tiring yourself.

The head vacuums across its entire 14-inch width and sucks all sorts of debris sitting in the bottom. From algae to pine needles and granite dust, it lifts everything from the pool floor. The price of the ATIE Pool Vacuum Head is also reasonable, given its heavy-duty performance and top-quality construction.

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Best Pool Vacuum Heads Buying Guide

Take these things into account when buying a pool vacuum head for your pool maintenance routine.

Shape and Size

Because there is no moving parts, the form and size of a pool vacuum head are what determine its effectiveness. A huge pool vacuum head can be awkward to operate, but it makes short work of cleaning the pool. Cleaning the pool will take longer with a smaller suction head, but it will be more manageable.

Every time you shop for a pool vacuum head, you’ll have to make this compromise. The head should be the right shape for your pool. For both linear rectangles and squares, the standard rectangular vacuum head will do the trick. However, if the pool is full of tight corners, the half-moon and triangular heads will be more helpful.

Weighted or Non-weighted

These days, many vacuum heads come with the tag “weighted” on their labels. Manufacturers strategically add more weight to these vacuum heads to make sure they don’t get off the pool floor during vacuuming. You don’t need to manually push them down to prevent them from floating. Weighted heads are a better option than non-weighted vacuum heads.

Brush or Wheels

Vacuum heads come in both brush and wheel configurations. Heads with a brush let you agitate and vacuum the pool debris in one go. However, these vacuum heads are not long-lasting. Also, maneuvering them is quite a task.

Vacuum heads with wheels are easy to move and maneuver. But you need to shock the dirt and algae buildups first while using them.

If you are taking care of a small pool with not so much to vacuum, it is better to stick to a cleaning head with a fine-bristle brush. Otherwise, rolling vacuum heads are a better buy.


Some vacuum heads are made of flexible polymer variants. You can twist them around the curves and corners without compromising on the cleaner’s suction power.


Heads with see-through frames allow you to monitor the cleaning in real-time to make sure the vacuum is picking up every last piece of dirt and debris.

Pool Vacuum Heads FAQs

Q-Can a rolling pool vacuum head be used on Intex pools?

A-No, pool vacuum heads with wheels are primarily designed for concrete and plaster pools. They can scratch the lining of vinyl, so it is better not to use them in Intex pools.

Q-Are lightweight plastic vacuum heads durable enough?

A-If you are picking a vacuuming head made of ABS plastic, you don’t need to worry about its durability.


A pool vacuum head allows you to keep your pool maintained and hygienic all the time. We hope that the above reviews and buying guide will help you in picking the right vacuum head for your pool.

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