7 Best Pool Umbrellas and Accessories of 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have a pool on your property, you would know that having a pool alone is not what makes you outdoors the best spot in the house. You need to landscape and build a deck alongside the pool to make the most of that body of water.

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A pool umbrella is a valuable addition to any poolside. Besides giving your pool a fun, picturesque look, it also makes sure that your summer dipping remains free of sunburns.

When you have an umbrella within the pool or on one of its ledges, you can get into the shade and evade the sun without leaving the pool. Usually, a patio/outdoor umbrella is installed at the edge of the pool and serves the purpose of a “pool umbrella.”

In this piece, we are going to list down some of the most rated pool/patio umbrellas available in the market right now. If your pool doesn’t have any sort of shade, we would recommend you get one in the form of an umbrella before the upcoming summer season.

Let’s look at the shot, and informative reviews of these seven pool umbrellas. After skimming through this section, you will be able to make a better buying decision.

EliteShade Sunbrella/ Patio Umbrellas 

Unlike many other patio umbrellas, this EliteShade model doesn’t feature LED lights just for the sake of it. The eight ribs of EliteShade “Sunbrella” features 80 LED lights that produce enough illumination to turn this fancy feature into a useful one. You can sit in your outdoors under and around the umbrella without needing any other lighting fixture.

EliteShade’s material selection for this umbrella is also pretty well-thought-out. Its pole and frame are made of thicker gauge aluminum that also features a corrosion-resistant coating. Meanwhile, the canopy is made of solution-dyed acrylic instead of nylon and polyester. This fabric selection makes this umbrella waterproof as well as impervious to mildew growth.

The other quality of this fabric is it doesn’t fade for the longest time. This is the reason why the manufacturer is offering this umbrella in 10 different colors with a 5-year fade-proof guarantee. Like any top-of-the-line pool/patio umbrella, this one also features a seamless crank handle and a push-button tilting mechanism for hassle-free operations.

PURPLE LEAF Square Patio Umbrella

If you are not facing budget constraints and can go for high-end pool umbrellas, then this PURPLE LEAF Square umbrella is an option worth considering. This pool umbrella has a unique double-top square canopy. You can get it in 9, 10, 11, and 12 feet widths, depending on the size of your poolside and your requirements. The double-top design doesn’t just give the umbrella a charming look but also helps with basic heat and wind vents.

The other impressive bit about this PURPLE LEAF umbrella is its tilted and adjustable canopy. You can set the tilt angle at six different levels. This feature comes in handy when you want to adjust the shade with the moving sun. The cantilever-style platform with 360-degree canopy rotation gives you more control over the shading area. In other words, you can cover your entire poolside (pool+deck) by rotating the umbrella in the direction of the space you are using.

The construction quality of this pool umbrella also matches up with the range of its features. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum with eight heavy-duty steel ribs that hold the top-quality 240 gsm polyester fabric of the umbrella together. Moreover, it stands on a sturdy, wide square base that doesn’t need any other supporting structure.

PURPLE LEAF Square Umbrella is a bit expensive, but its high price is worth it given its features and constructions.

Ainfox Solar Patio Umbrella with LED Light

If you are looking for a medium-sized pool umbrella that offers more than just shade, then consider buying this Ainfox Solar Patio umbrella. This umbrella features LED lights powered with solar energy, making the umbrella eco-friendly and offering use that extends beyond daylight hours.

The umbrella is made of top-of-the-line UV-resistant and waterproof polyester with eight steel ribs. Every rib features four LED lights. Moreover, the solar panel is mounted at the top of the canopy to ensure efficient charging. When fully charged, the LED setup of this Ainfox solar umbrella can run for 6-7 hours.

These detailed and delicate LED and solar panel additions don’t affect the form and function of the Ainfox Umbrella by any means. It features a handy crank lift to open and close the canopy without damaging the attachments on the ribs. The center pole also features a push-button tilt so you can adjust the canopy with the direction of the sun.

The canopy is available in green, white, red, and light brown colors, so you can pick a customized color option for your patio and pool area.

Abba Patio Umbrella with Sand Anchor

If you are looking to use the same umbrella at the side of the pool and on beach trips, consider buying this Abba Patio Umbrella. It is an easy-to-carry umbrella with a 7-foot canopy and comes with a carry bag as well as an easy-to-use sand anchor. The anchor allows you to peg the umbrella in the beach sand with a single twist.

Like the Trademark Innovations umbrella, this one also features an oxford fabric canopy with 50+ SPF sun protection. This means, even if you feel the singe of sun rays, you will still be protected from its harmful UV component.

The canopy has deep cuts at the end of all its eight ribs for more air ventilation that, in turn, offers better stability amid strong winds. This Abba patio is available in turquoise, multicolor, and stripped finishes that will go well on your patio as well as the beach party.

Trademark Innovations Portable Beach and Sports Umbrella

If you are looking for a budget-friendly outdoor umbrella that you can use at the pool, and patio as well as on beach trips, this Trademark Innovations is a custom-made option for you. This umbrella is 6.8 inches high and features a canopy of 6 feet. Its moderate size makes it easy to use in different settings.

The manufacturer has used steel instead of aluminum to make the umbrella frame sturdier and stronger. The umbrella ribs are carved out of 16-gauge steel that doesn’t warp even after many extensions and retractions. Moreover, the frame features a thick white color coating to ensure you can use the umbrella amidst water without worry.

The construction details of this versatile umbrella’s canopy are also worth discussing. Instead of using standard polyester, the manufacturer has used 210d nylon oxford cloth that is durable, waterproof, and also keeps the cost budget-friendly. The nylon canopy is coated with a silver sunscreen coating that offers 50+ SPF protection.

If you are conscious of sun exposure and damage, this Trademark Innovations umbrella will be a useful addition to your poolside.

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ABCCANOPY Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

This ABCCANOPY model is a perfect combination of a traditional umbrella canopy with the innovation of the cantilever platform. If you want to accentuate your patio and poolside while sorting out the shade for the next summer season, this reasonably-priced offset hanging umbrella should be your pick.

The frame and base of the umbrella are made of top-quality steel. The steel is finished with powder coating to ensure the metallic frame can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Besides rusting and corrosion, the frame is also impervious to chipping and peeling.

The fabric of the canopy complements the durable frame construction. It is made of top-quality, thick waterproof polyester that doesn’t fade and also provides protection against harmful UV rays. The canopy operates with a crank and can be rotated around its cantilever all the way. The cantilever stands on a heavy-duty crossbar.

AABCCANOPY comes in 14 different colors, ranging from light to the brightest shades. You can pick any of them without worrying about constant sun exposure because they display tremendous fade resistance.

Le Papillon Double-Sided Aluminum Patio Umbrella

At first glance, it seems like this Le Papillon pool umbrella is a merged form of two regular umbrellas. The manufacturer has made this umbrella double-sided to make sure it can offer extensive coverage. This Le Papillon umbrella has a 15 feet diameter, which means it will offer shade in the pool even if it is not right next to the pool ledge.

The manufacturer has fitted this extra-large double-sided umbrella on a rust-proof aluminum pool that is wide enough to get in any table center. Despite having such a large and heavy canopy, operating this umbrella is a breeze— thanks to its robust and agile crank lift. You can open and close the umbrella in a flash.

The canopy of this umbrella is made of top-grade polyester that offers high-quality outdoor use due to its waterproof and fade-resistant nature. Le Papillon has added three vent spots at the top of the umbrella to ensure it stands stable with its full coverage amid high winds. This Le Papillon is available in red, beige, burgundy, and green colors and is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Pool Umbrellas Buying Guide

If you want to explore options outside of this list, below are some factors you need to consider to settle on the best pool umbrella for your use.

Canopy Style

The shape and style of the canopy are not just about the shade it provides. It actually goes on to dictate the visual profile of the deck or pool it is installed at. Therefore, always settle on the style and shape you want to complement your outdoors with. There are two types of constructions and canopy styles.

  • Center pole
  • Cantilever

Center pole umbrellas are the traditional options that can look good with any type of outdoor and decoration theme. In contrast, a cantilever umbrella is made for the outdoors with contemporary constructional elements. They are often bigger, so you have to consider the available square footage as well. Some cantilever umbrellas have a rotating canopy to offer a moving shade area.


Hexagons and octagons are the standard canopy shapes. In the market, they are available as different variants of round umbrellas. You can also opt for sleekly designed square and rectangular canopies if you want wider shade coverage. Umbrellas with the latter shapes often lie at a higher price point.


The material used in the construction of a pool umbrella determines its operating life. For poles, frames, and ribs, aluminum and steel are the most reliable and reasonably-priced options. It is better if they are also coated with a corrosion-resistant coating. For the canopy, you have three top-quality fabric options to choose from: nylon, polyester, and acrylic.

Among these three materials, top-quality polyester can be sourced easily in comparison to the other two materials. Therefore, we would recommend you go with an umbrella that features polyester fabric (preferably 240 gsm).

Tilting Feature

If you are not buying a pool umbrella as a prop only, then try to get your hands on a product that also offers a tilting feature. When you are in control of adjusting the tilt of the extended canopy, you are in control of continuously providing shade against the sun.


If you want to update the look of your pool deck without breaking the bank, an umbrella is an easy and inexpensive solution. A decent pool or patio umbrella is more than just a stylish addition; it also shields you from the sun, making it possible to enjoy long, relaxing afternoons in the pool without worrying about being sunburned.

Thanks for taking the time to go through our reviews and buying advice for pool umbrellas.

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