The 5 Best Pool Test Strips in 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Everyone wishes for their swimming pools to be clean, and to keep them clean, you will probably have to use a lot of chemicals. While some of you may believe this is enough, we strongly believe you can take your swimming pool’s cleanliness to the next level with pool test strips.

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A quick test of your swimming pool’s water could tell you whether it’s clean enough for you to dive in or not. Of course, you don’t need anything complicated or fancy for a daily check. You also don’t need anything that can test its cleanliness to a figure that is accurate to 10 decimal places. All you need is a general idea of the condition of your pool, and the only way to do so is with the help of the very best pool test strips the market has to offer.

These test strips for the pool are simple to use and provide a rough estimate of the pool’s cleanliness thanks to their one-step analysis. But which brands make the cut as the top pool test strips? You can rest easy if you’ve been stressed out trying to find the proper product among the seemingly infinite options on the market. We have scoured the web for you.

Here, after extensive investigation, we present our compiled list of the best pool test strips. This post will let you somersault into clean water without having to worry about whether or not your pool is actually clean.

We are going to dive into our reviews by taking a closer look at each product. The reviews in the section below will help you get a better idea about what each of these pool testing strips can offer you for your home’s swimming pool.

Poolmaster Smart Test 4-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips

While our previous pick for the best pool test strips checked for 7 chemical levels – this product measures only 4. Now you’re probably wondering how fewer readings could possibly be a good thing. Well, these pool test strips measure 4 of the most crucial pool hygiene factors, which include pH levels, alkalinity, bromine levels, and free chlorine levels. Just these 4 basics are quite enough to get the job done, and this product just made using pool test strips even easier!

Again, for the most consistent and precise results, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T. So, before you limber up and get on your diving board, you will have to open your smartphone’s stopwatch function and dip a strip into your swimming pool for a few seconds. When you pull it out of the water and compare the strip to your bottle’s color chart, you will quickly know what state of water you’re diving into.

There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to this product. While they can provide accurate results for all 4 factors, they don’t respond too well to time. The reagent chemicals that have been used on these pool test strips tend to lose their accuracy over time, so make sure you pay attention to expiration dates.

AquaChek 7-Way 100 Count Pool Water Test Strips

This brand qualifies for our list of pool test strips because of its ability to measure 7 different chemical levels for your swimming pool. This would include checking your pool’s cyanuric acid levels, pH levels, total alkalinity, total hardness, total chlorine, and free chlorine levels. Not bad for just one pool test strip, is it?

All you would have to do is dip one AquaChek test strip in your swimming pool and then keep it submerged for 15 seconds. Try to be as accurate as possible because anything more than 15 seconds could throw off the readings (try using a stopwatch). Now, when you hold up the strip to compare it to the chart printed on the bottle, you will be comparing for predetermined color ranges. Naturally, these pool water test strips aren’t going to give you the 100% accuracy that digital meters provide, but they are just enough for your daily readings. Plus, these strips are a much better option because the digital meters are expensive, and using them daily can significantly reduce their usable life.

Even if you have a digital meter, we would highly recommend this product as a great substitute for daily readings. These test strips only take a couple of seconds to get a reading, while digital meters just create too much fuss. If you were just looking for a ballpark reading before jumping in, there is no better alternative than AquaChek Pool Water Test Strips.

LaMotte Insta-Test Plus 6-Way Test Strips

As you may have determined from its name, we’re back to a 6-way test – which is one reason why LaMotte made it to our top pick for pool test strips. LaMotte is a well-known manufacturer of water quality testing apparatus and not just for swimming pools. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their pool test strips won’t miss a thing.

This product is a very cost-effective method of measuring the cleanliness of your swimming pool, and it consists of 50 test strips. Each strip can conduct a 6-way chemical test, which includes testing your pool for cyanuric acid, water hardness, alkalinity, total chlorine, and free chlorine/bromine. Again, for the user’s convenience, LaMotte has an easy-to-understand color chart, which can be used to compare the test strips’ readings.

Another reason why we thought this product qualifies as one of the greatest pool test strips in the market is that the manufacturer also added a very comprehensive set of instructions. These instructions are written in English, Spanish, and French – which means they can cater to a larger demographic of users. Finally, these pool test strips also include molded desiccant liners, which are meant to protect their effectiveness from moisture or UV exposure.

GLB Pool & Spa Products 4-Way Water Test Strips

GLB Pool & Spa has also come up with one of the finest pool test strips on the shelves today. You will find that it is quite moderately priced for a product that judges your swimming pool for 4 different chemical measurements. Honestly, you are going to come across quite a few pool test strips that are priced the same and offer 6-way tests too. Of course, none of those products might be as accurate as this product – plus, not everyone feels the need to test for so many contaminants.

These test strips deliver accurate results very quickly. All you need to do is dip these strips in the water for a couple of seconds, take them back out and then wait for 15 seconds. After doing so, you will have to compare the outcomes to the 4-way color chart printed on the bottle. Voila, you will have determined the pH level, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and bromine levels of your swimming pool.

While these pool test strips do deliver accurate results, many users have noticed that their chlorine colors aren’t as clear when compared to other brands. Naturally, this makes it a little harder for users to gauge a proper reading. Despite this little drawback, this product can vividly make sure your swimming pool has safe chlorine levels or not.

JNW Direct Pool & Spa Test Strips 6 in 1

Finally, 5th on our list is a product that tests for 6 factors in your swimming pool. These include its total alkalinity, pH levels, free chlorine, bromine, total chlorine levels, and total hardness. Of course, this isn’t anything unique from all of the pool test strips reviewed above, but the fact that it delivers decent results is what makes it a great buy.

Another great thing about this package is that it consists of 150 testing strips – all of which can provide a great ballpark reading of your swimming pool. What sets it apart from other products is that the manufacturer offers its users a downloadable eBook. This eBook provides comprehensive explanations about what each result means in keeping your water healthy and clean and, of course, instructions on how to use the product.

One drawback most users noticed with JNW’s pool test strips was that the results of 2 different strips differed a little for a single swimming pool or spa. Nonetheless, even despite these limitations, you will find that this product is a great solution for casual daily testing.

Buying Guide for Pool Test Strips in 2023

When you’re picking out a pool test strip for your swimming pool, you need to pay attention to 2 things. First, you need to read up on customer testimonials and product reviews. Second, you need to keep their essential features in mind. Since we’ve covered the reviews and you can read up on testimonials later, here’s what you need to keep in mind when deciding on what to buy:

Ease of Use

The best pool test strips in the market are inherently supposed to be easy to use. Their testing process should be as simple as dipping the strip in the water, waiting a few seconds for the colors to change, and finally matching the results with any provided color scale.

Now, you might believe that every pool testing kit is easy to interpret, but this isn’t necessarily always true. Some products have dull colors on their strips, which makes it difficult to compare to the chart. Also, some users might find it a little annoying to compare too many test factors.


This is probably the most important feature you should look for in pool test strips. It wouldn’t really matter how easy to use these products are unless they don’t deliver an accurate result. You should have complete confidence in these strips to be able to keep your swimming pool well-balanced and to make sure they are healthy to swim in.


Consistency of test results signifies that your pool test strips provide the same results even if you check your swimming pool multiple times. These results should also remain constant when compared to other pool test kits.


Test strips are meant to be a quick and easy way of testing your swimming pool’s water quality. Now depending on what you’re testing your pool for, pool testing kits offer many ranges of tests. You have already seen 7-way, 6-way, and 4-way test kits, but there are many other categories in the market. This is why you need to make sure you know what you’re testing for and whether testing strips are compatible with your needs.


To make sure that you buy high-quality pool test strips, you may also check how these products are designed. In other words, try checking whether the strips are big enough for you to grip comfortably while you dip them into your swimming pool. Also, the bottle that holds the testing stips should be able to protect them from degradation caused by UV rays or moisture.

Final Thoughts

The best pool test strips are something every swimming pool owner should have. They are a quick and easy solution to maintaining balanced and healthy water chemistry in your pool. Regular tests are necessary, and these simple strips can make it simpler for you to stick to an effective maintenance schedule.

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