The 5 Best Pool Poles in 2023 Reviews

Keeping your swimming pool clean is a critical part of your pool maintenance. Your swimming pool’s pump and filter system play their role in keeping your swimming pool clean, but sometimes there is a need for some manual effort to keep the water clean and safe for use.

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There are plenty of options homeowners can avail of through automatic and robotic pool cleaners to clean their pools. While they can do a fantastic job, sometimes, nothing beats the aspect of manually removing the dirt. There is always something contaminating your pool that the automated systems cannot handle adequately.

Having a high-quality pool pole on hand can be helpful in maintaining the cleanliness, clarity, and safety of your swimming pool. It’s not easy to locate the best pool pole because so many brands make similar claims. Choosing the one that will actually be the one to assist you to maintain your swimming pool in top shape might be difficult if you don’t know what you should be looking for.

This post has been written to assist you in locating a new pole for your swimming pool. In this post, we take a look at some of the best pool poles available today and give you our thoughts on why they deserve your attention. Use the list to narrow down your search, then read up on each product to get a feel for what it has to offer.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the features that will be most useful to you in terms of swimming pool upkeep.

The reviews below will give you an idea about the qualities each of these pool poles offer and why they are a part of our selection for the top pools you can buy.

Professional Deluxe Pool Pole by JED Pool Tools

The Professional Deluxe Pool Pole is one of the top telescopic pool poles on the market right now. The product certainly lives up to the name given to it by its manufacturer. JED Pool Tools is a reliable name when it comes to pool accessory manufacturers. The product is high-quality, robust, reliable, good looking, and easy to use.

The two-piece telescoping pole extends from 8’ to 16’. Its extension and locking cam are our favorite features of the product. All it takes is a simple twist to loosen it, extend or retract, and then twist it to lock it into position. It pairs well with an assortment of attachments you might need to use for maintaining your pool.

Another favorite feature of the pool pole is that it works with attachments made by JED Pool Tools as well as accessories made by other manufacturers. Anodized aluminum gives it a sturdy structure that lasts a long time. The only thing you might not like about the pole is the black color which can make it quite hot on a warm and sunny day.

Three-Piece Anodized Cam Mailer Telescopic Pole by Swimline

This Three-piece anodize cam mailer telescopic pole by Swimline is another fantastic addition to our top picks for pool poles. The product is one of the best-looking accessories we reviewed in this article, but it offers you more than just good looks. It has a three-piece construction that gives you plenty of extension up to 21′.

The more it extends, the thinner it can get. It means the pool pole does tend to begin bending the thinner it becomes. The anodized aluminum construction of the pool pole makes it a sturdy product to a significant degree. Still, we would not advise using this for heavy-duty pool cleaning work.

The pool pole is adaptable. It can accommodate several types of attachments you might need to maintain your pool. There is a whole for snap-in accessories as well as the ability to work with most standard attachments.

Professional Pool Pole by U.S. Pool Supply

U.S. Pool Supply is a brand that most homeowners have come to love over the years. The products they make for pools have set the standard for high quality. It only makes sense that the Professional Pool Pole by U.S. Pool Supply is among our top picks for pool poles. The product has a two-piece construction. The telescopic pole also has a high-quality locking cam that lets you make adjustments to its length for ease of use without worrying about the pole budging unnecessarily.

The cam is easy to loosen up, adjust, and then tighten so the pole locks securely into position. The blue finish on this pool pole adds to its beauty but also makes it easier on the eyes. The attractive pool pole has the adjustability to extend between 8’ and 16’ feet so you can cover a substantial area of the pool without having to move too much.

The pool pole comes with several attachments and can work with standard pool skimmers, baskets, rakes, brushes, and vacuum heads.

Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole by Aqua Select

The Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole by Aqua Select is one of the most fantastic pieces of swimming pool accessories you will see in the market. The robust and reliable product is made using anodized aluminum that features ribbed texture. As if the anodized aluminum was not already durable enough, the ribbed finish makes it even more durable.

This is not one of those flimsy pool poles you would be afraid to extend to its full length. You can rely on this product to help you execute all your pool maintenance tasks in a breeze. It has a universal attachment that allows you to use any standard attachments that you might need to clean your swimming pool.

The expandable and retractable pool has a comfortable handle grip that allows you to make quick work of your pool maintenance without tiring yourself out.

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Three-Piece Aluminum Telescopic Pole with Posi-Lock by Poolmaster

Poolmaster, as its name suggests, is a brand that commands respect in the world of pool maintenance accessories. Its three-piece aluminum telescopic pool pole with the posi-lock system is one of the premier products you will find on the market. It can extend as far as 20 ½’ to help you reach all the far corners of your pool without the need to wade all the way over to them.

One of the most annoying things about having extra-long swimming pool poles is that they tend to become weaker the more you extend them. Poolmaster’s prolific designers eliminated the problem with this three-piece telescopic pool. The posi-lock system helps you make adjustments to its length and keep it in position.

The ABS handle adds to the strength and ease of use of this telescopic pool pole. The smooth silver finish looks excellent and will never get hot in the sun. You can rely on this pool pole to come through for you even when the sun is bright and warm because the silver finish does not let it retain heat that can make your grip uncomfortable.

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Best Pool Poles Buying Guide

As you can see, each product in our top picks does the same job, but they are all different from each other in a few ways. In this guide, we’ve created a buying guide to help you focus on how to pick the finest pool pole among our top picks. The buying guide will help you narrow down your options from the top picks to help you make the ideal decision when you are buying a pool pole for your swimming pool.


The pool pole you pick needs to be sturdy and lightweight. You need a tool to help you clean the pool so that you can easily maneuver through the pool without being too fragile. Most pool poles are made of anodized aluminum because it is a robust material that does not have too much weight. The anodization of the pool gives it resistance to corrosion and adds to its durability.


An effective pool pole to facilitate your pool’s maintenance needs, the accessory needs to be thick and strong. It should not break when you are using it, even if you fully extend the pool pole. The pool pole is long-lasting if it is ribbed for added strength and durability.


There are several manufacturers that make pool poles, among other pool accessories. To pick out the top pool pole, you need to pick products from brands with a reputation for providing high-quality pool accessories. The products in the article are all from reputable manufacturers.


Pool poles should offer you adjustable length and the ability to lock in position. They also need to be capable of attaching to a wide array of accessories that you need to use to clean the pool. Pick a product that offers you a substantial length, an adequate locking mechanism, and the ability to accommodate any attachments you might need to keep the pool clean.

Final Thoughts

We know how crucial it is to get the correct equipment for your pool’s upkeep. Purchasing a pool pole is like making a long-term investment in your leisure time spent in the water. Investing wisely in a new pole for your pool is essential.

We hope that between the buying guide and the reviews of our recommended goods, you now have all the knowledge you need to select the best pool pole for your needs.

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