5 Best Pool Lounge Chairs in 2023 – Buying Guide

Having a pool at your property is a blessing. A pool allows you to spend quality time outdoors without leaving the house. However, you need to make your pool area more functional to make its full use.

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Pool lounge chairs are one set of furniture that allows you to use that outdoor area besides swimming. Whether you want to treat yourself to the cool evening breeze in summer, want to soak up the sunlight during winter, or like to do your reading in the daylight— lean back on a pool lounge chair and make the most of your outdoors.

Besides making your pool area more functional, lounge chairs also add up to its aesthetic profile. A set of beautifully crafted pool lounge chairs make your pool area more visually appealing. In short, if you have a pool and a deck, you must line it up with lounge chairs.

However, the market is brimming with all sorts of pool lounge chairs, making it difficult for a regular user to pick a chair that combines these three features, i.e., affordability, utility, and aesthetics.

Best Pool Lounge Chairs

Let’s have short reviews of these pool lounge chairs that will help you in making a better buying decision.

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

If you are working with a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on your sitting and lying comfort, consider buying this Best Choice product set of 2 pool lounge chairs. These pool chairs have an uncomplicated design and offer the maximum utility that any outdoor chair can offer.

Its simplistic construction allows you to use it in a zero-gravity position. Its ergonomic frame smoothly slides into that reclining position, and its elastic cords make sure the base of the chair can conform to the shape of your back.

The use of aluminum keeps the chair lightweight yet sturdy enough for outdoors. The mesh used on the aluminum frame is UV-resistant and comes in seven different colors. Even if you leave these chairs under direct sunlight, rest assured their color won’t fade away. The mesh is strong enough to hold 250 pounds at once. The use of a lightweight frame and meshed upholstery also make these chairs a suitable portable option for camping and RVing trips.

These basic pool lounge chairs have some additional features that you may not find even in a high-end option. For instance, it comes with a thick, soft removable headrest. Moreover, a tray is given beside the right armrest to make sure you don’t have to get up to grab drinks.

Ulax Furniture Outdoor 2-Pack Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chairs

Good pool lounge chairs not only let you sit and lay back around the pool, but they also add up to the decoration and design of the area. This set of chaise lounge chairs by Ulax Furniture offer value on both these fronts. Let’s first discuss the shape and design of these Ulax pool lounge chairs.

The chairs have a flowing stretched-out design with a thin frame. This structure gives chairs a smooth and sleek look that is topped up by dark wicker material. Whether you want to add a classic touch to the pool area or want to follow minimalistic décor rules, you can bank on the display of Ulax pool chairs.

You can use these chairs outdoors and around the water without worry. The wicker used on the chairs is weatherproof and UV-resistant. Moreover, the frame of the chair is made of top-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

The foam used on the bed and back of these pool chairs is also worth mentioning. Instead of sticking with normal foam, Ulax has used the reticular variant to ensure you can keep your chairs outdoors for 24 hours and 365 days.

The foam is low-maintenance, quick to dry, and also rules out the need for cushions. The chair can be set at five different reclining positions with its adjustable backrest, so you can perfectly customize your poolside lying experience.

Christopher Knight Home 296060 (Set of 2) Lisbon Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

When it comes to furniture, no material can imitate the class of pure timber. However, many homeowners refrain from buying wooden furniture for outdoors because the tough weather conditions take a lot of toll on the timber surfaces. However, now you can get a wooden pool lounge chair for your poolside that is not as vulnerable to weather as typical wooden furniture— thanks to Christopher Knight Home.

The renowned furniture maker has carved out wooden folding chaise lounge chairs that you can set up beside your pool without any apprehension. These pool lounge chairs are made of acacia and eucalyptus wood that are known to withstand wet surroundings for over a decade without undergoing decaying. So, the splashing of pool water and high humidity levels in the air can’t inflict any harm on these Christopher Knight Home Chairs.

Moreover, the chairs feature a natural yellow finish. No matter how much time these chairs are kept under the sun, they will maintain their actual finish. They have a typical curvilinear seat that lets you partially recline for sunbathing as well as reading. You can fold the chairs from the middle to move and store them without a hassle.

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GOLDSUN Portable Aluminum Folding Beach Lounger

This pool lounge chair by GOLDSUN is also a good combination of form and function. It features a classical reclining lounge chair design and is carved out of materials that make it perfect for setting outdoors. The one thing that makes this GOLDSUN pool chair stand apart from its competitors is its numerous reclining settings. When the majority of pool lounge chairs recline in five positions, you can adjust it at seven.

The other striking bit about this chair is its removable padding. When it is hot out there, you can remove the padding and use the breathable and UV-resistant Textilene base for a cooling and comforting experience. The manufacturer has also upgraded this seat with a removable tray that you can use to hold drinks, snacks, and other small items.

The frame of this chair is made of top-quality aluminum mold. This makes the chair lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Lastly, setting up these chairs is a breeze. All you need is to unpack and unfold them at the place you want to use them, and that’s it. You don’t have to go through the grueling process of assembling them up first.

Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Beach Yard Pool Folding Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

Besides its vulnerability to the sun and moisture, many people also don’t buy wooden furniture for outdoors because it is expensive. If you are also one of those homeowners who are not going for a wooden option because it will strain your budget, consider getting this Kozyard reclining pool lounge chair.

It is primarily made of aluminum and fabric upholstery. However, its well-thought-out design and the combination of beige and brown colors give it a look of a high-end timber chaise lounge. You can’t tell if they are made of an aluminum frame from a distance. While finishing them in the aesthetics of timber furniture, the manufacturer has also made sure you can treat it as an out-and-out functional pool lounge chair.

For instance, it comprises of large footrest, seat, backrest, and headrest to make sure you can use it in all lying positions. The sling-padded seat can be manually reclined to five adjustable positions. Whether you want to tan while lying straight on your stomach or wish to observe the kids playing in the pool, you can adjust the back of the seat accordingly.

The Textilene-woven upholstery of these pool lounge chairs is also worth mentioning. Its beautiful and delicate finish has no bearing on its functional profile. It is waterproof, UV-resistant, breathable, and resistant to permanent stains of oil-based fluids. Lastly, the folding mechanism of these chairs is also quite impressive. You can fold them nearly flat, which makes them an easy option to carry for different outdoor activities.

Pool Lounge Chairs Buying Guide

Look out for the following features if you are exploring pool lounge chairs outside of this list.


Chaise lounges by swimming pools take a beating from the sun’s heat and the constant presence of wetness. To that end, you should check to see if the chair you’re considering buying is constructed from materials that can withstand the elements. The frame material should be corrosion-resistant steel or aluminum. Moreover, the seat upholstery should be impervious to the effects of ultraviolet light and dry quickly without being permanently deformed.


Most people buy a pool lounge chair so they can have their poolside time in the utmost comfort. So, always try to pick a lounge chair that has multiple reclining positions. If you are looking to lie beside the pool for long sessions, get chairs that come with built-in padding. Also, make sure that the main mesh/upholstery of the chair is made of breathable material. You will realize its importance during the sweltering summer afternoons.


As you have seen in the above reviews, you can also take some pool lounge chairs on outdoor trips. If you have multiple uses in mind, always pick a pool chair that has a hassle-free folding mechanism and a lightweight frame.

Additional Features

You can now also find pool chairs and recliners that come with canopies and trays. If you want to set up a complete poolside station and also have a budget for it, go for chairs that have the maximum number of additional features.

Pool Lounge Chairs FAQs

Q-Are pool and patio lounge chairs the same?

  1. If a chair is made of weatherproof material and has a reclining construction, you can use it at both patios and pools.

Q-Should a pool lounge chair always be reclining?

  1. A reclining pool chair makes sure you can use it for sitting, supine, and semi-supine. So, yes, it is better if you are using a reclining lounge chair alongside your pool.


With a set of quality lounge chairs next to your pool, you can use this area even when you are not swimming. Also, they allow you to pep up the look of your outdoors without splurging on extensive remodeling work. We hope that you can find the pool lounge chairs of your choice with the help of the above reviews and buying guide.

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