The 7 Best Pool Safety Fence 2023 Reviews, Styles & Buying Guide

How can you choose the perfect swimming pool fence? There are unlimited choices, especially when it comes to choosing a swimming pool fence. This pool fence not only separates your swimming pool from the other parts of your home but doesn’t even leave any open that can lead a path to your pool. Therefore, it’s vital that you select a pool fence that meets the needs of your swimming pool.

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Choosing a swimming pool fence isn’t as difficult as some people want it to sound, and you only need to ensure that you’re getting the perfect swimming pool fence. So, how can you ensure that you end up buying the right kind of fence for your swimming pool? We have reviewed the top 7 options that are out there for you.

We reviewed dozens of the top-rated swimming pool fences found on the market today and selected the ones we found to be the leading ones out there. We also focused on quality, affordability, and proven designs that are going to last you for years. Let’s check some out:

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit

There’s probably no better alternative for protecting your kids from unsupervised access to your swimming pool than erecting the Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Section Kit. That swimming pool has one major benefit that most fences don’t provide, which is that you can install it yourself.

It comes as a single 12 feet long fence that is not only 4 feet high but is also reinforced by five integrated aluminum posts. The fence comes with deck sleeves and a safety latch, but it doesn’t come with the gate, which will need to be bought separately.

However, even without the gate, the fence is still going to be an effective option when it comes to securing your swimming pool.

Giantex In-ground Swimming Pool Fence 4 x 12-Foot Child Barrier Pool Safety Mesh Fence Section

The GIantex safety fence is 4 feet high and 12 feet long and is made from aluminum, providing superior durability and strength. It is an easy-to-assemble product for in-ground swimming pools and a great product for keeping pets and children out of the swimming pool area. If you do need it, you can easily shorten the fence to accommodate the specific size of your swimming pool.

The best thing you can do is easily remove and then reinstall the fence without much hassle or even damage it. That makes it convenient to take down and put up around your swimming pool whenever you want to. There is also a useful instruction guide that comes with the fence, along with all the necessary hardware that is needed for installing it.

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

That is a vinyl swimming pool fence that was designed to attach to the installed braces of the swimming pool and is most suitable for above ground pools. The fence offers 8 complete sections, but you can easily add more if you want to. Everything you need to set up the GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit is given here: instructions, fencing pieces, posts, and the hardware.

Although it is only meant for above-ground swimming pools, it works extremely effectively in securing your swimming pool. It also prevents your kids from entering unsupervised, but the best thing you can do is that you easily attach the fence to another fence, if your pool is constructed into a deck.

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Self-Closing Gate Kit

An integral part of your swimming pool is going to be the fence, and the Pool Fence DIY Self-Closing ensures that you end up securing your pool to prevent your kids from entering unsupervised. That fence comes with a self-latching and self-closing gate that will make your pool area even safer. The fence works with firm double-truss uprights, and has an extremely reliable magnetic latch, along with a self-closing gate hinge.

The fence has a 4-feet height along with a 2-feet walk-through opening, and the top feature is that the fence is powder-coated and has aluminum material, which makes it last for long. It also has an industrial-quality Textilene PVC-covered nylon mesh.

Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence by EZ-Guard 4 x 12 Feet Long Removable Child Barrier Pool Safety Mesh Fence

The Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence by EZ-Guard comes in pre-assembled parts that are 12 feet in length and 4 feet high with 5 poles spaced 3 feet apart. They can easily shorten to fit your needs, and if you want to remove the fence, you can do it easily without seeking the help of another person. What makes the Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence special is the durable construction it has.

The poles are 100% rust free and feature a 3-layered design where the top layer has a powder-coated aluminum, the middle layer is made of PVC, and the bottom layer is made of the stainless rod. That rod is especially durable and doesn’t break easily, and with this fence, you can be assured that you own one of the toughest kid safety fences on the market today.

Classic Guard Pool Fence Safety Mesh Child Safety Pool Fence 12 Feet Long and 4 Feet Tall

The Classic Guard Pool Fence comes in only black color and measures 12 feet long and 4 feet tall. It’s made of durable, tear, and UV-resistant mesh, which allows it to withstand the harshest of weather. The fence is bordered on all corners by a strong lining that prevents fraying, and the fence comes attached to poles, which are spaced 3 feet apart, to ensure that you get an easy time when installing it.

The poles are attached to the mesh by an aluminum backing strip that is further held by stainless steel screws, and the product is easy to install.

Water Warden 4-Foot Pool Safety Fence

The Water Warden 4 Foot Pool Safety Fence is a basic mesh that adds safety to your swimming pool and isn’t meant to add privacy to your swimming pool or even block off your yard. However, it is a superb way to keep your kids out of your swimming pool, and if you order the fence, you won’t need a gate.

However, if you receive a measuring template, an installation video, hardware for setup, or instructions to help you have an easy time when installing it. Therefore, if you want to do some handy work or if you are the kind of person who wants to DIY, this fence isn’t going to give you any kind of trouble. It’s easy to set up and compatible with most safety gates that are found on the market.

The greatest part is that you can get this fence in either 4 or 5-foot height with a 12-foot length/kit, and it offers great value for money while it lasts for long as well.

Types of Swimming Pool Fences

If you’re completely new to the market of swimming pool fences, you don’t need to stress out over the options available. We’re going to give you a brief on all major types of swimming pool fences:

  • Glass Pool Fences

You can easily install a glass pool fence, but they don’t give you much privacy and are also quite expensive. Apart from that, they do need regular maintenance and can shatter and be hazardous at your swimming pool as well.

  • Steel Pool Fences

If you’re looking for privacy, steel pool fences are your best option, but they do require constant maintenance as they are prone to rust.

  • Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh swimming pool fences are recommended for homes with small kids, as they are durable and offer great protection. Small children can’t climb over or crawl under mesh pool fences, unlike other types of fences.

  • Wooden Pool Fences

Wooden fences are perfect for swimming pools that have a nature designed-theme, but these wooden fences don’t even last long and will need to be replaced after a couple of years.

Common Styles of Pool Fences

When choosing the style of your swimming pool fence, ensure that it fulfills your state requirements, and these styles will include:

  • Wire

Wire pool fences are made with thick metal wire bars as opposed to hollow metal tube bars, such as the styles that are shown above. The outcome is a more weather-resistant and durable pool fence.

  • Loop Top

Loop top fences are using a long piece of the bar to form two bars as opposed to using 2 separate bars, such as the double top model. The end result is a more weather-resistant and durable swimming pool fence.

  • Double Top

These double top fences are like flat top fences, except that they have an additional horizontal bar near the top hand side. Ornamental elements will also sometimes be added between the two bars.

  • Flat Top

The flat-top style is the main style for most swimming pool fences, where vertical bars will be joined together by horizontal ones near the bottom and top of your swimming pool fence.

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Buying Guide for the Perfect Swimming Pool Fences

Here are some of the most important elements that you should choose to ensure that your swimming pool fence has the best results. That list is going to make your choosing and buying process easier.

  • Pool Fence Borders

For additional safety, your pool fence mesh should be bordered on all corners with a vinyl border, which offers a cool finish for your fence and prevents the unraveling of the mesh. The material used should have visible reinforcement inserted into the vinyl to provide additional strength to your swimming pool fence, and it prevents sagging. The border is also going to make your swimming pool more durable and even stronger.

  • Poles

When shopping for a fence around your pool, pay special attention to the quality of the poles. As aluminum support poles are always used in a high-quality fence, they must be triple-reinforced to meet all safety criteria.
The aluminum in your fence will provide strength and tension, and the closer the poles together, the better. The poles should have an extra, ultra-tough covering on the outside so that they can bend without breaking the inside player.

  • Height of Pool Fence

The number one rule is, the higher your swimming pool fence, the better it is going to be for your kids, but you should at least get a fence that is around 4 feet high. Remember that your child is still growing. However, as opposed to getting a new fence every time your kid grows a foot tall, it becomes the most affordable investment, which would be to buy the tallest possible swimming pool fence.

  • Strong and Resistant Mesh

The heart of any swimming pool fence is going to be the mesh. You don’t want a weak mesh that your child can easily push through and enter the swimming pool area. The tension-based support is going to be an important term that you should watch out for when selecting a fence.
With all the pool fences, normal wear and tear are going to take place. That doesn’t mean you should get a fence that isn’t resistant to tears and punctures. If it does get a tear, the mesh should have the ability to return to its normal shape.

Vinyl and polyester mesh coating have some key specifications that you should ensure your fence has, as they are mildew resistant and allow for easier cleaning, compared to grainy finishes that may attract growths and dirt.

  • Self-Latching and Self-Closing Gate

The Academy of Pediatrics and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recommended a self-closing and self-latching gate. That gate automatically shuts behind you because of its magnetic power. However, even if you forget to shut the gate, you can go about with your other chores, knowing that your kids are going to be safe.

Guide for Installing a Swimming Pool Fence

You should always remember to follow the instructions of the manufacturer when you’re installing your new pool fence. However, here is a process that you can easily follow when installing most types of fence pools. Here are the things that you will need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Waterproof marker
  • Tape
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Rope or garden hose
  • Pool fencing with plastic sleeves
  • Gloves
  • Cement drill bits and drilling machine
  • 4-foot long stick

Here are the steps that you should be following:

  • Measure the Pool Area and Buy the Right Fence

You can arrange a garden hose that is at least 3 feet from the edge of your swimming pool to determine where you will install your pool fence. Also, ensure that you leave the opening for the gate, and mark it with a piece of chalk.
You can draw the rope or hose tightly and measure it to get an idea of the length of the fence that you need. Also, you should buy a fence that complements the décor of your house, while also offering the safety required.

  • Cut Sticks

You should take the 4-feet long stick and cut a 3-foot-long piece from it. That’s for measuring the distance between the pool fence sections, while you can take the remaining piece and cut a 2 ½ inches long piece from it. That will measure the distance between the panels.

  • Mark Drilling Holes

Make sure that your machine has the cement bit to drill holes into the deck, and then measure the size of the plastic sleeves and measure, cut, and tie a piece of tape on the drill bit, where it hits the sleeve. That’s to prevent you from drilling excessively deep holes.

  • Drill the Marked Surface

Ensure that you’re wearing all the protective gear before you start drilling, then insert the sleeves into the holes to hold the poles.

  • Install Your Pool Fence and Gate

You should start at the gate and then work your way around the swimming pool. Leave the opening where you will install the gate, which is to spring the latch and the gate. Now you have a safety fence around the pool as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs about Pool Fences

We know that not everyone is going to be familiar with pool fences, which is why we have decided to post some of the most frequently asked questions regarding swimming pool fences. Here are the top ones:

  1. Does your pool fence come with warranties?

Yes, most pool fences come with warranties against product defects.

  1. Can I install a pool fence around a swimming pool that has dirt, sand, or grass?

Yes, you can, but you will need a long spike.

  1. Can the pool fence be easily removed once it has been installed?

Some of the systems are extremely easy to uninstall and store in your garage, and you can remove the entire fence within minutes without needing the assistance of another person.


It’s imperative that you end up selecting the perfect pool fences that fit the needs of your pool. The perfect fence is going to meet all the insurance and local legal standards and will provide protection around your swimming pool. We have reviewed some great fences that do provide value for money and will fit the specific standards that you have set for yourself.

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