The 5 Best Pool Deck Paints of 2023

Are you looking to refresh the look of your swimming pool? Sometimes, all you need to do is give the pool deck a fresh coat of paint. To make sure you get the right look for your swimming pool, you need to choose the perfect pool deck paint. It can help you get the job done correctly.

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Whether you’re looking to paint a brand new pool or repaint an old one, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we provide you with reviews of the most recommended paints for pool decks in the market today. Additionally, we’ve included a guide that you can follow when buying the color.

Let’s take a closer look at the products to help you get a better idea about them.

Tan Color Pool Deck Paint by Deck-O-Seal

Deck-O-Seal is a top brand for pool deck paints and for the right reason. The Tan 4701033 paint is an excellent option to consider for your deck’s paint job. The non-stain paint dries up quickly and creates a durable and tear-resistant rubber coat on the surface. The paint cures under ambient temperature without additional help.

This pool deck paint is highly durable. It does not react with the chemicals used in pool water, helping it last a long time. Once cured, the paint stays firm. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and has a strong resistance to aging. Deck-O-Seal’s impressive qualities make it fit for painting your deck and the interior surface of the pool.

The paint’s firm rubber coat finish provides a perfect seal to the surface you apply it on. You can use it to seal the joints on your pool deck to make sure the swimming pool water does not go anywhere you don’t want it to and give your pool a fresh new look for years to come.

Waterborne Semi-Gloss Ocean Blue Pool Paint by INSL-X

The Semi-Gloss Ocean Blue Pool paint by INSL-X is an acrylic emulsion-based swimming pool paint that dries quickly in ambient temperatures. The paint is highly resistant to harsh conditions and continuous submersion in both freshwater and saltwater swimming pools.

The paint can be used as a sealant to coat existing paint or as standalone paint on the pool deck and within the pool. The paint is capable of adhering and curing itself properly on a variety of surfaces, including gunite, marcite, plaster, bare concrete, or other surfaces used for swimming pool interiors and pool deck surfaces.

The environmentally-friendly paint has a calming blue hue that offers a long-lasting finish. Its quick-drying properties make it ideal to use as a fresh coat over existing paint or in multiple layers on the pool deck.

Gray Color Pool Deck Paint by Deck-O-Seal

Deck-O-Seal’s Gray 4701032 has a subtle and neutral gray tone. This paint is made using high-quality polysulfide that effectively makes this pool deck paint a sealant as well. The paint cures at ambient temperature conditions to form a durable, flexible, and tear-free rubber coating on the surface.

The paint is capable of resisting harsh weather conditions, the chemicals in pool water, and general aging. The product’s UV light and abrasion resistance protect the finish of the paint all year-round. It is a durable paint that can give you a long-lasting finish for your swimming pool deck.

The paint is an excellent sealant. You can use it to provide a fresh coat of paint to the deck as well as the interior surface of the pool to get a watertight seal that can protect the surface from moisture damage.

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White Patio and Deck Paint by In The Swim

The White Patio and Deck Paint by In The Swim is a non-slip paint that is highly recommended for use on pool decks. The water-based acrylic paint creates a non-slip surface once it dries. It can be applied to surfaces that are damp but not dry, cutting down the time it takes to prepare the surface and finish the paint job.

The non-slip surface created by this paint makes the swimming pool deck safer. Each bucket of paint covers 100 to 125 square feet. To get a good seal on the surface, you need at least two coats of paint. The paint can provide a good seal on a variety of surfaces used for pool decks, including bare concrete or even wood.

The paint is easy to apply since it requires no mixing. Once dried, the paint makes a durable surface that is easy to maintain.

Cool Pool Deck Coating by Encore Coatings

Encore Painting’s Cool Pool Deck paint has a white color that gives a fresh look to the swimming pool deck, making it look as good as new. The paint’s ability to reduce the heat absorbed by the surface by up to 38% is a winning quality. Correctly applying the paint will give you peace of mind that the pool deck is comfortable to walk on, no matter how hot the weather may be.

The product offers excellent value for your money because a single gallon can cover 200 square feet. Its white color allows you to give it a tint of any tone you want by mixing the right dye in the paint while you prepare the surface.

The Cool Pool Deck Coating gives you a long-lasting finish. You can enjoy a good looking pool deck that is easy to maintain for a long time, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Pool Deck Paint Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect paint for your swimming pool deck can be difficult. Each product has unique qualities to consider. Here’s a buying guide that can help you pick the right one for your needs.

Qualities to Look for in Pool Deck Paint

The best pool deck paint should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Wear Resistance: The paint’s ability to resist regular wear and tear guarantees a long-lasting paint job.
  • Weather-tight Seal: The paint should create a watertight seal on the surface to protect it from the effects of moisture, insects, and fungus, and UV rays so it can prevent the surface from cracking.
  • Quality Look: The paint needs to provide an attractive finish so that it doesn’t just protect the pool deck, but also gives it a refreshed look.

Types of Deck Paints

There are different bases used in deck paints, each with unique qualities. You need to consider the type of paint and the conditions it has to decide whether it suits your requirements for the paint job:

  • Oil-Based Deck Paint: Oil-based paint features oil and mineral additives. You need to stir the paint appropriately before the application. The paint bonds well with the surface, but it takes a long time to cure.
  • Alkyd-Based Deck Paint: Alkyd-based deck paint can consist of resin, glycerin, fine sand, granite, as well as oils. It is a more affordable alternative to oil-based deck paint and offers high resistance to rough weather conditions.
  • Water-Based Deck Paint: Water-based deck paints are the most popular option among homeowners. It offers excellent durability as well as protective qualities. There are two types of water-based deck paints:
    • Rubber deck paint: Rubber or latex deck paint creates a watertight seal, has excellent durability, and has decent water vapor permeability that helps resist shrinking.
    • Acrylic deck paint: Acrylic deck paint has excellent water vapor permeability, can cover larger areas in smaller quantities, and is highly weather resistant.

How to Choose the Right Pool Deck Paint

When you’re looking for pool deck paint, consider the qualities and the types mentioned above. A few more things to factor in while you make the decision include:

  • Manufacturer: It’s always important to stick to the products of a manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry for producing high-quality products.
  • Expiration Date: Be sure to check the expiration date of the product before you purchase a container of it.
  • Coverage: Calculate the area you’re going to paint. Check if the coverage of the paint is suitable to apply multiple coats to that area.

Pool Deck Paint FAQs

Q. What is the best deck paint I can get?

A. The products we’ve mentioned above are all highly recommended. Compare the qualities of each product and your requirements to decide which one suits your needs the best.

Q. How do I prepare the pool deck for painting?

A. Prepping the pool deck takes three simple steps:

  1. Clean the deck
  2. Leave the deck to dry
  3. Apply the paint

Q. Is prepping the deck before painting it necessary?

A. Prepping the deck is a crucial part of applying new paint to your swimming pool deck. You need to clean it to ensure that the fresh coats of paint bond well with the surface, and you get a smooth finish to restore the look of your paint deck.

Q. What are the benefits of giving the pool deck a new coat of paint?

A. Other than restoring the look of the entire swimming pool, it also helps protect the pool deck from cracking and damage due to moisture, UV rays, and microbes. A fresh coat of paint makes your pool look more attractive and makes it safer.


The pool deck is more than just the ground surrounding your swimming pool. The appearance of your pool as a whole will be affected by how effectively the pool deck is maintained. The best pool deck paint can help your pool retain its attractive appearance for years to come.

We have faith that you will pick the best paint for your pool deck after reading our evaluations and utilizing our buying guidance.

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