Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Liners 2023 Reviews

What could be a better and instant summer getaway than a backyard pool, right? However, constructing an inground pool needs a lot of work, resources, and time. It is a complete brick and mortar construction that opens the barrage of expenses. Moreover, you need a lot of outdoor square footage to build it.

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Above ground pools provide a great alternative to inground pools for cost, work as well as function. However, the tradeoff with getting an above ground pool is that it is not as durable as inground constructions. The harsh outdoor conditions and water treatment chemicals can take a lot of toll on an above-ground pool if it is not supplemented with a top-quality liner.

Above ground pool liners are an essential accessory for your portable one-piece pool. These liners protect the pool from harsh water purifiers as well as scorching sunrays and their fade-inducing UV rays. Also, you can give your pool a stunning visual uplift with an above ground pool liner.

Here, we are going to discuss five of the finest above-ground pool liners that are available in the market right now.

Smartline 18-Foot Round Waves of Poseidon Pool Liner 

Named after the Greek god of seas Poseidon, this Smartline pool liner is another exhibit of a winning combination of form and function. Let’s start with its seamless pattern that falls easy on the eyes. The design primarily features interchanging sky and navy blue patterns. Together they give the pool a cool and stunning blue profile that goes perfectly with your summertime pool activities.

Smartline is known for maintaining quality across its product line. So, this pool liner is extremely good when it comes to functionality and durability. Every top-of-the-line pool liner is made of premium vinyl. However, Smartline has gone one step further in making the Wave of Poseidon and used a patented Lamiclear Technology in its construction.

This technology entails a 3-layer lining. The thickness of the liner starts with a 100% virgin vinyl base that is then topped up by a UV-resistant print layer. This means the stunning mishmash of navy and sky blues is not going to fade over time. An acrylic coat then caps the print layer. This 3-layer lining is then welded together and cut in pieces for 18-ft pools with 48 or 52-inch high walls. Lamiclear Technology has made sure that a vinyl liner remains impervious to sunlight, chemicals, and rock and stone abrasion.

Smartline Waves of Poseidon Pool liner is also easy to install— thanks to its overlapped construction. Like other Smartline liners, you don’t need bead receivers to install the liner on your pool. Just put the liner over the edges of your pool, put coping strips on it for holding it together, and put the top rails back, and that’s it, you have installed the liner in your pool.

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Quality Pool Products 24 Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

If you are looking to strike a perfect balance between price and quality in a pool liner, then you should consider buying this item from Quality Pool Products. The manufacturer has designed this liner for large above ground pools with walls as high as 54 inches. However, you can also adjust it for a smaller pool wall of 52 or 48 inches.

One of the striking things about this vinyl pool liner is that it comes in seven different finishing and designs. From Laguna Mist to Cliff Stone and Ocean Frenzy, the manufacture has made sure you can buy a pool liner that matches your visual taste. Also, each of these seven designs is finished with high-definition colors and graphics. This Quality Pool Products liner looks nice and complements the pool area instead of giving it a tacky look that an average design-heavy vinyl liner would do.

Speaking of vinyl, the manufacturer has made sure this liner doesn’t just offer visual appeal to customers. The top-grade vinyl is used for making this 24-ft above ground pool liner that is not vulnerable to the mischief of sunlight and filtering chemicals. The hardwearing nature of the vinyl also ensures that the stunning exterior of the liner doesn’t get faded or chipped with time. When many off-the-shelf liners come with 20 gauge thickness, this vinyl base is 25 gauge thick. With this vinyl thickness in your pool liner, you won’t need a replacement for years.

Smartline Waterfall 27-Foot Round Pool Liner 

If you have a large round 27-ft round pool with 52-inch high walls and want to extend its operating life while giving it a fresh and innovative makeover, consider buying Smartline Waterfall Pool Liner. The liner features a broad margin of waterfalls. The rest of the liner surface features animated blue finish. The good thing is you can get the same liner in 11 other designs as well to match it up with the visual theme of your pool area or deck.

This is the third Smartline product on our list of above ground pool liners. It is also made with the same diligence that we have seen in other Smartline pool liners. The liner starts with the topmost acrylic coating that covers the UV-resistant colors and patterns of the liner. These two layers lay on the 100% virgin vinyl base.

The use of virgin vinyl also makes this pool liner safe for you and your family. The fact that it is made of 100% virgin vinyl, you can be certain that there are no recycled pieces of vinyl and metal contaminants that can seep into the pool water from the lining over the long course of use.

This pool liner is also designed for overlapped installation that doesn’t involve the hassle of the bead receiver fastening. Just put the liner over the pool ledge, cap it with coping sticks, and there you go. We also have to give it to Smartline to package the liners hand-folded to ensure they don’t undergo excessive wrinkling and creasing before the installation.

Lastly, the liner is available in 20 and 25-gauge thicknesses. If you want a liner that can last as long as the operating life of your above ground pool, then go with the 25-gauge pool liner.

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Smartline Stone Harbor 24-Foot Round Pool Liner

A good above ground pool liner is one that fares well with both form and function, and this product by Smartline passes this vital test. This 25-gauge vinyl liner is ideal for all those above ground pools that have an outdoor installation and remain exposed to the sunlight. The manufacturer has used a layer of acrylic on the virgin vinyl of the liner to make it resistant to UV-induced fading.

Moreover, this double lining is also impervious to the shenanigans of purifying chemicals. In short, Smartline Stone Harbor Pool Liner doesn’t experience fading and discoloration even after extended use. We also like this vinyl pool liner because of its universal fitting nature. It’s primarily designed for a beaded style above-ground pool and features the uni-bead connection that can operate as either J-hook or a standard bead.

However, you can cut this uni-bead connection at the seam to use the liner in an overlap pool lining setup that uses coping strips instead of a bead receiver. We are also impressed by Smartline’s diligence in packaging this pool liner. These liners come hand-folded to rule out excessive wrinkling and permanent creasing. The idea is to make sure you can install the liner in its finest stretched-out form.

Last but not least, the design and finishing of Smartline Stone Harbor are among the best of the best on the block. It comes in four different tile patterns and finishes with varying shades of blue to ensure your above-ground pools look like a lagoon. Smartline Stone Harbor Vinyl Pool Liner is available in 13 different sizes for round and oval above ground pools.

Quality Pool Products Great Barrier Reef Above Ground Pool Liners

The thing about above ground pools is that you can finish and furnish them in the most innovative and eye-pleasing designs and that too without breaking your bank. An above-ground pool liner by Quality Pool Products is an excellent example of such cost-effective pool renovation. As its name suggests, this pool liner features the expansive layout of the Great Barrier Reef with all the corals, colorful fishes, and other aquatic life. If you have bought an above ground pool for your kids, then they will definitely love to go dipping in the pool with such an animated finishing.

It is important to mention here that all the aesthetic details have no bearing on the function and quality of this pool liner. The manufacturer has used high-grade vinyl in the construction of this liner. Therefore, it doesn’t fade due to chemicals and sunlight like other bright and multicolored pool liners. The liner is designed for 18-ft round pools and easily fits any pool wall between 48 and 54 inches. To make sure the liner remains in one piece and doesn’t disintegrate over time, the manufacturer has used lapped seam construction in this Great Barrier Reef-themed liner. The overlaid vinyl at seams makes for long-lasting pool lining.

It is an overlap pool liner. This means it is easy to install. All you need is a bunch of coping sticks to lock the liner in place. Quality Pool Products offers a 25-year warranty on this liner that also suggests that you won’t require a liner replacement for your pool for a long time.

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Above Ground Pool Liners Buying Guide

If you want to explore above ground pool liners outside of this list, consider the below factors to make the best purchase.


At the onset, the thickness of a pool liner may not seem important. But if you are looking at long-haul use, you should consider the thickness of a pool liner. 20-gauge is considered standard pool liner thickness. Pool liners in 25-gauge thickness are also available. You should consider getting a thick pool liner if you have kids at home and you are not looking to replace or sell your above-ground pool for the next couple of years. Otherwise, a liner with standard thickness will do the job.


Above ground pools usually come in round and oval shapes. Therefore, the majority of above ground pool liners also come in the same circular shapes. Just make sure that the liner you are going to buy is rated for the circumference of your pool (18-ft, 24 ft, 27-ft, etc.). Also, make sure that it matches up with the height of the pool walls. Some liners are adjustable and can go with different wall heights.

Type of Installation

Above ground pool liners come in two different installation types: overlapping and bead-style. Overlapping pool liners are the most common because they are easy to install. You just hang them on the pool edges and lock them in place through coping strips. Bead-style liners come with bead channels and have different configurations, depending on the bead hooks. From the DIY installation standpoint, overlapping pool liners are a better buy.

Color and Design

The color and design of a liner can make your pool visually interesting. However, you also need to consider these functional factors while picking a pool liner.

  • Light-colored and plain designs easily show dirt, waterlines, and wrinkles. We would recommend you to avoid those liners (our list doesn’t contain any plain and light liners).
  • A liner with a lot of illustrative finishing is definitely a fun addition to the pool. But keep in mind that this finishing is more prone to deterioration.
  • A liner finished with dark colors and patterns will keep your pool water warmer because it retains most of the heat of incoming sunlight.

Above Ground Pool Liners FAQs

Q-Why vinyl is the main element of pool liners?

A- There are many reasons manufacturers use vinyl as the basic building block of pool liners. Vinyl is waterproof and also sun-proof to an extent. It is also lightweight and offers durable use under rough outdoor conditions. Moreover, it is easier to finish vinyl in different colors and designs.

Q-Is gauge the unit of thickness?

A-No, the gauge is not a unit to measure the thickness. In different industries, it has a different meaning. For instance, a gauge indicates the width/orifice of the barrel in guns and pistols. In pool liners, however, the vinyl gauge somehow points to the thickness of the liner.

Q-Are we supposed to change the pool liner every season?

A-No, a top-quality above-ground pool liner doesn’t need to be replaced every season. Just give a simple wash to the liner before activating your pool, and it will be as good as new.


An above-ground pool liner is an effective and economical way to protect your pool and to make it visually compelling. If you are buying an above ground pool liner, always invest in the best the market has to offer. There is no point in saving a couple of bucks on a liner that may wear down even before your swimming season ends.


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